NES & Super NES - December Game Updates - Nintendo Switch Online

On Dec. 12, six more games will be added to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System™ – Nintendo Switch Online and Nintendo Entertainment System™ – Nintendo Switch Online collections.

Super NES™
•  Star Fox™ 2 – This 3D rail-shooter and second installment of the Star Fox series was first
designed for the Super NES, but went unreleased until it appeared on the Super
Nintendo Entertainment System™: Super NES Classic Edition system in 2017. This time,
Emperor Andross is on a crusade to conquer the Lylat system and the Star Fox team
itself. After a long wait, Star Fox is back in action.
• Super Punch-Out!!™ – Featuring the tight gameplay and humor the series is known for,
this sequel to the NES classic sees Little Mac return to the ring with the World Video
Boxing Association belt once again at stake.
• Kirby Super Star™ – That awful King Dedede is at it again – he’s stolen all the food in
Dream Land. It’s up to Kirby to get it back and ultimately save Popstar from being taken
over. There’s never a dull moment as Kirby dashes, flies and fights!
•  Breath of Fire II – Set 500 years after the original, take on the role of Ryu, the last
member of the Dragon Clan. A cast of unusual and exciting companions join you in your
adventures across a wondrous land full of magic and mystery.

•  Crystalis – An epic story for action-RPG fans is ready to unfold. Set in a world where
civilization lies in ruins, the young protagonist awakes from cryogenic sleep and the
adventure begins. Collect the Sword of Wind and venture into the unknown.
•  Journey to Silius – Join Jay on his run and gun mission to take down the mechanical
army responsible for his father’s death. Defeat endless waves of attack robots and fulfill
his father’s dream of developing a space colony in the Silius Solar System.

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